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There are no gifs, or pretty pictures, just words and feelings!

What an unbelievable episode! The first 58 minutes was just edge of your seat awesomeness with everything we have come to love from Fringe and more. Lincoln getting all protective of "his" partner, Peter fighting to find the woman he now finally believes is his Olivia, we finally get to meet Meana (AltNina) and one of favorite villains ever!

The entire scene with Peter & September was outstanding and visually very, very beautiful. Joshua Jackson did a wonderful job letting Peter's emotions shine through here, and is some of the best acting he has done in Fringe. Learning about Henry was heartbreaking, it doesn't matter to him that he was born to the wrong Olivia - he was still his son, and that's gotta cut deep.

September tells us something that Polivia fans have known for a long time. They are meant to be. Everything will be as it should, when they are reunited and produce a child of their own.

Olivia's activation of the lights, and her revelation that she was testing Nina earlier in the episode is the Olivia that I love so very, very much. I have said from very early on that I believe with everything that this is OUR OLIVA; Peter's Olivia; the one he is destined to be with; the one we have come to know and love over the past three years. Last week, I thought that Peter had realized that too.

Which leads me to the one thing about this episode that not only hit a very raw nerve, but made me regret that the scene in the SVU happened last week.

Don't get me wrong, I totally understand that Peter is scared. Scared of making the same mistake he did with AltLiv, and I know that seeing Henry triggered those doubts he thought he had put behind him.


You can't take back what you said last week!

"I look into your eyes, and I know it's you"

This is not just a throw away line in FringeVerse. It means a lot to the fans. Having Peter say those words last week, and believing them was HUGE!! It's not even a Polivia romance thing. It's an emotional thing! An emotional connection that we had that meant so much, and now, doesn't feel the same.

It feels like the writers have taken something away from us, and it just feels wrong.

I TOTALLY trust Joel & Jeff and I KNOW that everything happens for a reason, and that they have a plan, and their love for Peter and Olivia is well know. Joel continues to say that all great love stories have obstacles along the way.

Peter and Olivia are the GREATEST LOVE STORY EVER!

I love them, and I love my show. The wait until the 23rd March is going to be HELL ON A STICK!

I need to see how they fix this and continue moving forward, because I feel like we made all this progress, and then we've taken 3 steps back again.

I mean how much torture and manipulation can Olivia possibly take?!!? It's no secret that she is my heroine - she is the heart for Fringe for me. I love her more than anything and when she cries, I cry and die a little inside. I mean JUST LOOK AT THIS FACE!!!

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Date: 2012-02-25 01:50 pm (UTC)
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I have been so confused this entire season it's not even funny.. I did good up till this season keeping track of who was who and where they belonged, now I leave each episode more confused than the last.. except for the last 3.. then I felt like I was starting to get the right idea.. and I agree with the idea that he IS in the right place, right universe.. but no one remembers him and that made stuff different.. THEY JUST NEED TO FREAKING REMEMBER!!!!!

or it is something else entirely.. who the hell knows..

I am so lost.. I am still in love.. but I am lost.


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