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Bones got another mention in the "Worth a Look" section of the Herald Sun today. That's twice in 4 weeks :)

The Fire in the Ice:

" The relationship between Bones and Booth is getting more interesting, which makes this show more likeable as the weeks go on. This week they hit the ice as Booth shows his ice hockey skills. But when someone he thwacked on the ice during a game dies suddenly, he's a suspect."

I have a feeling it will be in ther alot more in the coming weeks!!!
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If you're looking for something to keep you entertained over the break, then look no further than our friends over on Twitter!

The whole Bones gang is twittering away, and the interaction is something you will want to catch.

Here is a list of everyone that's twittering as we speak.....


Think that's all of them.


EDIT: There is a Caroline too @CJulianUSA
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Here's my first attempt at a video. Compilation from the Season IV Finale.

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How awesome is it that the finale is STILL generating heaps and heaps of speculations, theories, arguments, bickering..... I can just picture this continuing relentlessly through the hiatus :D

Even after hours of fans re-watching THE SCENE, and picking up on the slightest hint of an explanation as to it's place in the series, no one has a definitive answer or theory that doesn't contain ifs, ands or buts!

I've said before that I think the BB sex was real - in the future, to be more precise I'm now thinking that I would like that to be the Season 5 finale, culmination in the affirmation of the feelings they have for each other and it is all out there for everyone to see.

Come Season 6, Hart Hanson can wrap up an amazing journey by giving us a whole season of "couple B&B". Just imagine the possibilities - the mind boggles!!!

An ending that suits every fan - Shippers and NoRomo's alike...
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You definitely need to watch it multiple times (which I have done) to pick up on everything that HH wanted us to see/question/analyze, and if his Twitter is any indication - it's working! With the key element being that everything was done on purpose and everything means something. It is a meeting of two minds - what they both feel and want....

I think the End in the Beginning refers to that first scene - the yummy sex!

One of my theories is that the sex we saw was real and that it is where Hart sees them ending up. When all is said and done, Brennan will have worked out her feelings and knows that Booth feels the same way, they are happy, in love and totally comfortable with it.

Just one of my many thoughts on this.

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Bones has been picked up by Fox for 2 more seasons and all fans are over the moon! In his latest tweet, Hart Hanson thanks all Bones fans for their response to the pick up. To Hart we say - No, THANK YOU!!! :cheers:

Now comes the patient or not so patient on my case :p wait for the season 5 premiere

Is it September yet?!?!?
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I've made a wallpaper and some animations for the Finale - Obvious spoilers for those who still haven't seen The End in the Beginning. This my first attempt at making these so hopefully they don't suck too much :D

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There is a nice little Bones mention in the Melbourne Herald Sun today for this week's episode 'Conman in the Meth Lab'. Here's what they had to say....

"Bones is proof that if you stick woth a show long enough it can become a success. This US crime drama is now upgraded to become City Homicide's replacement, and if you're a fan, you'll get to meet Booth's younger brother, Jared, who sets the ladies' hearts racing."
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I saw a countdown timer for the weeks episode on ForensicMama's blog and thought I'd make one for the finale. Think I can do better but for a start... here we go!!


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