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Undercover Podcast #8: Suburban Living - Anthro vs Psych

This week we look back at The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, update the latest ratings, schedule information, as well as invite you - our listeners to share a little bit of yourselves with us. Along with all the latest news, spoilers and an extra clue for Su’s trivia question!

Fanfic Recommendation: The Killer in the Classroom

Fanvid Recommendation: Us Against the World


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Episode #7 "Choices & Growing Up..."

We look back on The Plain in the Prodigy, catch up on all the news, spoilers and ratings information for the past week. We will also announce the the winner of last week’s trivia question, and more!!

Fanfic Recommendation: How Much More by uscfbfan

Fanvid Recommendation: Booth/Brennan: Shattered by FerryBoat Produtions
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This week we take a look back at The Bond in the Boot, check in with the ratings numbers for the premiere and we get some more information on Grandpa Hank Booth!! We also introduce this week a new segment - Bones Trivia with Su!! Now believe me when I say that the questions will not be easy and you will need to put your thinking caps on!!

Episode #6 - Plumbing & Money....
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Twitter Bones Twonesy's!

It's been a wonderful season of angst, romance, humor, innuendo and most of all FUN thanks to the Twitter versions of our favorite Bones characters.

Help to pick the best of the best in Twones 2009 by choosing your favorite Tweets and events from a range of categories.

Voting closes on September 22, 2009 and I'm SUPER EXCITED that we will be announcing the winners in a very special edition of BONES UNDERCOVER!

Follow the link below to cast your vote today!!!

Twonesy Awards Ballot
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After a longer than anticipated break, Bones Undercover is back with the latest news and views from the Bones world.

With the premiere less than 10 DAYS AWAY!!!! it’s time to share those theories around and see what everyone else thinks.

Don’t forget to check out the BCT and the Bones Spoilers Blog for more information and discussions….


Bones Undercover #4
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Hey Guys!!

Episode #2 is up and ready for download - sorry about the wait.


Bones Undercover Episode #2
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Alright kiddies, the first podcast is up and ready to go!

Bones Undercover Episode #1

Edit: Here's the iTunes feed -



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