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The amount I love ANY Olivia Dunham, Sheldon Cooper or Ziva David is equal to the amount I hate AmberVerse Nina.

Those of you who know me, know how much that really is!
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I've changed my default icon to something christmassy :D

That's the extent of the change though - I've been thinking about changing my layout but it's sooooooo hard to find something I like and looks good. The header aint going NOWHERE, although now I know how to add text to gifs I might do that, but that's all.

I've decided to try some new shows while the hiatus destroys my normal viewing habits. I watched the pilot of Once Upon A Time which I thought was really good. Working on getting the other ones now. I've also got Homeland here but I haven't had a chance to watch it yet.

But seriously, Fringe needs to get it's ass back in gear and the 13th January need to hurry the hell up!!!!

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I had to delete some userpics *sadface*

I have as many as you can get - 255 and I STILL need some more space!

So I made the hard decisions and made some more room, cause God only knows how many I'll want to add as the new season of Fringe in particular gets going :D
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I currently have a thing for icons. Yes, I just bought a whole bunch of empty slots and I need to fill them up!!

I've been combing through peoples userpics and found some totally awesome ones!!! I now have them from Fringe (the majority of them), NCIS, Bones, Smallville, a couple of Warehouse 13 and even some Goren & Eames ones!!

I'm still looking for more, and I put the icontest up at Fringe Verse cause I KNOW that my Fringies will make me proud :D

And to make the day even better, my beloved Collingwood won tonight and remain on top of the AFL ladder and are now PREMIERSHIP FAVORITES!!!!


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